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I Gave a Live Lecture about Hypnosis and High-Performance Learning States, at “The Loft”!

What if many of the most commonly held assumptions about the mind, our emotions and the learning process itself, were just…wrong? Can you imagine learning 2 to 10 times faster than you already are? Would you like to be privy to little-known tools that can put you ahead of your class? What if I could grant you access to learning about performance enhancement hacks which are used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and creative geniuses?

On February 5th, 2014, at 7:30 pm, I did precisely that! The lecture was held at “The Loft” in Costa Mesa. There were approximately 50 – 60 people in attendance that night. This engagement was part of their “Wellness Wednesdays” events. During these events the event coordinators for The Loft invite an expert from the community to speak to the audience about how to improve their access to personal wellness. Classes tend to be focused upon alternative and complimentary approaches toward healthy living and mindset while conveying important “take-aways” that can immediately affect well-being. I was invited to this event by J. Anthony Reidelsheimer of Earth Warrior X and the Vegan Athlete Performance Show: (Link to More Info about Anthony)

In this concise and informative class, I dispelled some of the most commonly held myths about Hypnosis and opened the way for a deeper discussion about what is possible for each of us that delve into it sincerely. The focus of the evening was practical, experiential and educational. There was ample time for story-telling, humor, didacticism, exploratory exercises and interactive Q’s and A’s. I showed that especially when it comes to our neural pathways, “there are many roads which lead to Rome”. It was my intention to reveal some novel yet, highly effective tools which are all too often missed by mainstream learners. After all, learning new ways to learn is the cornerstone of rapid growth and ingenuity, is it not?

My lecture followed the outline below:

Introduction: Short biographical conversation.

Part 1: Hypnosis: What is it? What isn’t it? What do the “experts” say about it? “A rose by any other name”; Origins and history.

Part 2: Dispelling myths; Allaying unnecessary concerns

Part 3: Structure of Reality; The language of the mind; The relationship between mental states; The 4 stages of learning and how it relates to hypnosis

Part 4: Benefits; Learning how to learn; Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis

Part 5: What’s a “Meta” for, anyhow? Therapeutic use of metaphor.

Part 6: Closing thoughts; Q ‘s & A’s; Invitation to connect and explore deeper through my contact information.

A short description of my change-work philosophy: My intention while coaching others is to facilitate a generative state of mind where there can be many possibilities and solutions available for action, rather than merely experiencing remedial changes. With every challenge we face, there can be a pivotal moment of acceptance where the “real”, inner growth, becomes immanent. It’s important to set this intention at the outset, or else brief therapy can become something else…a way of associating more into the problem instead of into the answer. Sometimes the answer can show itself as something resembling a Gestalt. It can also show itself by the realization that one must accept personal responsibility in order to have the authority to change one’s own experiences from this point forward. Don’t worry! It’s not as harsh as it sounds.

Remember, “Nothing is your fault, but everything is your responsibility”. This life-affirming decision acts as a means for leveraging whatever “crisis” or “problem” that shows itself, for that of personal empowerment. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the right tools and you apply them skillfully, isn’t it? We could take a lesson from Archimedes here, couldn’t we?

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I could move the world”

I am of the school of thought which holds that, lasting change only occurs once we stop living “at the effect” and start “being at cause” for the things which happen in our life. “We are in charge of our mind and therefore our results”… Only this way can we expect to live our life on Purpose.

The methods I use are designed to resolve the conflicts, leaving you feeling encouraged, whole and integrated. I see these as primary steps toward self-actualization and lasting fulfillment.

For more information about “The Loft” and other community learning events, lectures and performances such as “Wellness Wednesdays”, check out their Facebook page: The Loft FaceBook Page

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