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  • What types of things can I come to you for?
    Many people find that my services are helpful for a variety of simple and complex troubles. Some examples include smoking cessation, removing cravings, weight loss, improving sleep, managing stress and anxiety, changing unwanted thoughts, improving sexual performance, deepening intimacy and communication and improving sports performance. My methods are effective for helping you to resolve fears/phobias and to feel at ease so that you can lead a more productive life. Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that we used when we created them”. Therefore, you may need a new way of thinking to access a new level of results in your life. At some level, the problems that arise our awareness really are problems of the imagination. This isn’t suggesting that they aren’t “real”, simply that our imagination is much more powerful than most people give credit to. What we change in the core of our subjective reality changes the way we view our situation and also what we choose to do about it. In turn, this changes our experience of external reality significantly. If a limiting belief that you’ve held points only to a problem that exists outside of you (such as another person or situation) it could mean that you’ve been putting the locus of control outside rather than inside where it belongs. Having an intrinsic rather than extrinsic locus of control is paramount in order to live an empowered lifestyle. We may not always be able to control external events but we can certainly adjust ourselves and decide how to be proactive. This is why we can only be ready to change our lives when we are ready to accept responsibility for our reactions and decisions. Once you’ve done this it puts you back in the seat of empowerment and it makes you ready to change your circumstances in a profound way. There are many of other ways to use hypnotherapy in your life to address a multitude of other issues not listed here. If you haven’t figured out what’s troubling you specifically, it’s perfectly okay. The process I use helps you to flesh that out and decide on the next step. Sometimes a general feeling of uneasiness simply requires a conversation to clear it up. Book a free consultation call today and let’s talk about it. Book Now
  • Is hypnosis dangerous or risky?
    Hypnosis is very safe and there is no danger to the hypnotee whatsoever. Most clients report feeling relaxed but energized after their session.
  • Will I be no longer in control if I'm hypnotized?
    On the contrary, you will discover that you have even MORE control when you learn how to harness the power of your mind through hypnosis.
  • What is Life Coaching?
    Life Coaching is a developmental excchange whereby a prfessional therapeutic relationship is cultivated between you and me. In this relationship, we develop trust and success using the processes which I will teach you. I take an educational approach and guide you step by step to keep you focused on solutions that make sense to you and put you back in control of your life. It creates accountability between us that helps you to attain the lifestyle changes you are seeking to create in virtually any area of your life. We can work on your physical health goals, relationship goals and also personal growth and spiritual goals. We will discover the changes you want to make and decide what steps are necessary and together we will see you reach your goals.
  • What is NLP?
    NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all about studying the patterns of behavior and beliefs underlying our worldly results. By learning and understanding the inner language of the mind we discover the way to create the results we want to achieve in our lives. NLP is not only a powerful way to study and understand but also to influence our subjective experiences. The founders of NLP discovered some of the most effective tools for self-discovery and inner change-work. NLP methodology harnesses both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind in order to create powerful new behaviors and beliefs. There is much overlap between NLP and hypnosis. NLP can be considered a form or style of hypnosis and the technique of hypnosis often incorporates language and methods that are in common with NLP. Both methods are geared toward the same goal even though there are differences between them. I weave both methodologies seamlessly when I work with you to achieve your desired results. NLP can be ideal for people who want to experience transformative changes without the requirement of a deep relaxation response or feeling as though you are dissociated into a “hypnotic trance”.
  • What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnosis is a word for describing a multitude of methods for coaching us into the mindset that can change our inner experience of the world in positive ways. It is also a technique for shaping the subjective experiences of our everyday reality in a more intentional rather than passive way. The goal of hypnotherapy is to retrain your mind so that it serves you instead of working against you. How you make sense of circumstances in your life changes the menu of options from which your automatic responses arise. If you can shift the core parts in the structure of your conceptions you can instantly change your reactions and behaviors within that system. How would you like to feel about something important to you if you could consciously choose how to feel about it? – Finding out the answer to that key question is what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are all about.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Everyone responds in their own way and in their own time. Your readiness to change and willingness to adopt new empowering behaviors gives strong indications of how long it will take. The number of sessions you will require relates to the specific results you are looking to create. The more specific and quantifiable language you can state your desired results with, the easier it will be to determine how quickly we can get there and what strategies we will need to employ in order to accomplish it. It is far, so that’s why it’s a good reason to book your initial phone consultation right away. +1 (530) 433 4569. This gives you a chance to ask your questions directly and we can take a look at the structure of the problem together. However many sessions you purchase, they will never expire. Any unused sessions can be saved for future use or donated to a family member or charitable cause/recipient.
  • I don't live in the area, can we do our sessions over the phone or with online video conferencing?
    Yes, if you are interested in this, please mention this in your email or on the contact form.
  • Do you offer corporate coaching, training or public speaking?
    Yes, I offer many types of corporate training on various topics such as conflict resolution, communication strategies, sales, leadership, and stress management.
  • Can everyone be hypnotized?
    The simple answer is ‘Yes’. Hypnosis is a natural process that involves some easy to learn steps that allow you to adjust your mental state in useful ways. Hypnosis utilizes several methods for training the mind to shape its automatic responses and broaden the bandwidth of perceptions to serve you rather than work against you. Once you learn what hypnosis actually is, you’ll not only enjoy the experience, you’ll also be empowered to step into the experience more fully and completely. By realizing this, you’re already on your way to a fuller, richer and more profound life! Hypnosis is about learning how to train your awareness to focus on an idea, to the exclusion of anything that could distract you from it. The technique of hypnosis and all the steps therein are designed to improve your ability to harness your inner genius and apply the higher mind to solving your problems. It’s very simple and just involves following instructions and paying attention to what you experience in a special way. I can guide you, step by step, and you’ll attain your goals that much more quickly.
  • What is meant by 'Hypnotherapy Breakthrough?'
    Hypnotherapy Breakthrough is a transformation process in three stages, where you get to discover new resources, transform your problems and become the person you’ve been wanting to be. Three Stages: Discovering – Examine the underlying pattern that needs to change. Transforming – Adjust the way you see the world in empowering ways. Becoming – Actualize new behaviors and regenerate a renewed version of you that is congruent with the life you want to lead.
  • What are the tools and methods you specialize in?
    I have many tools in my change-work toolbox that are all geared toward helping you to feel more empowered and be more creative with your circumstances. Primary among these are Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Life Coaching. Other terms for what I do are: Systemic Coaching, Developmental Coaching, Genius Mapping, Family Constellations, Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Somatics, Psychedelic Healing Facilitation, Sacred Medicine Work, Mindfulness Training.
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