I work with individuals that want to develop a deeper relationship with someone in their life. This could be a romantic partner, a family member,  a friend or even a colleague.

One of the things I do differently from other relationship coaches is that I focus on what’s good - rather than what’s bad. 

I find that putting emphasis on the existing positives in the relationship and individuals helps to successfully guide people through the tricky and sticky elements of their relationship.

Other coaches will suggest negotiating and communication skills, and while communication is a key element that should definitely be looked at, I help individuals to focus a lot more on their feelings.

This is because we respond to more non-verbal cues more than anything, and it’s how we feel that is at the centre of our actions and responses.

Another key focus of my coaching is the development of compassion.

Once you discover how to develop a sense of understanding for the other person, you will start to think about how you can be of service to a person you care about and be a part of the solution.

I believe that we need to understand where the other person is coming from in order for us to be more forgiving and look for what’s good in our relationship so that we can find the good once again.

I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions and a maximum of 16 to give yourself the opportunity to explore and work on yourself as well as coming together to do the work too.

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Conflict Resolution

Relationship Coaching

Couple's Counselling

I work with individuals that want to develop a deeper relationship with someone in their life.


I work to help you avoid easily avoidable problems and support you at every stage of dating.

The Four Quadrants model is a model I created that teaches people how to determine if it’s safe and the right moment to shift from the ‘getting to know you’ phase, to the trust and intimacy phase and then to the long term commitment stage.

This is a model that I wish I knew a long time ago; I use it all the time and people who are dating always seem wowed by it when put into practice.

Limiting beliefs

I help individuals who may have limited beliefs and confidence issues when it comes to dating.

This could be anything from thinking you aren’t lovable and that you’ll never find a match, to thinking that you are too old to find love.

Through dating coaching I teach people about confidence and how to shift their values to being ok with not always succeeding. I teach people ways to think positively about dating experiences even when they get a no. I help people get to a curious and friendly state and teach them to have an open mind when it comes to dating.

Rejection or relationships which don’t proceed isn’t always a bad thing; my coaching provides techniques to help people take the positives from it and move on.

Through Relationship Dynamic Coaching or Dating Coaching my ultimate goal is to help those that are struggling reach a place of happiness again, a place of desire, passion and ultimately peace. 

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