What is NLP?

“NLP is about the detection, replication, and subsequent utilization of patterns in living systems. It is an information gathering technology and a way of gathering useful, actionable data which leads to asking better questions” - James Tsakalos (my NLP mentor).

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) initially called "Meta" is a change-work methodology developed in the late 1970s that continues to evolve and adapt as we learn more and more about human consciousness and neurology. It started out as a model describing how some of the most effective and prominent therapists achieved very effective and rapid results. Though each exemplar reached impressive results with their clients, they reached those results by going about it in very different ways.

Rather than slavishly adhering to a fixed pattern or dogma, NLP practitioners develop the necessary observation skills with the understanding that there are unique patterns within every individual that reveal a deep structure to the way they experience problems as well as the solutions to them.

We strive to listen more carefully than most and pay close attention to body language and somatic cues. With highly-developed sensory acuity, we search for the most elegant (most effective with the least amount of steps) and graceful (careful yet powerful) resolution.

NLP is all about noticing the patterns driving feelings or behavior and utilizing what is learned from those patterns in order to bring about a positive result or change. With NLP it becomes possible to change your thoughts and behaviors in order to achieve a specific outcome; your goal.

Case Study

"A client came to me complaining of intense anxiety when attempting to do public speaking. During our session, his pattern of turning his attention inwards and picturing himself being laughed at was identified. During the remedial portion of our session, I taught him to put his attention outside of himself and refocus his concerns on being attentive to the audience. Immediately after learning and applying these changes, he was able to successfully present at meetings with a large number of participants in the audience, and his anxieties subsided, leaving him feeling at ease and confident".

- Carlos Casados

How can it help you?

NLP uses specific behavioral and communication techniques to guide you into changing your thought patterns and actions rapidly and effectively. It teaches you that you can control not only the direction of your thoughts but also their outcomes. It promotes the belief that our thoughts do not control us, we can control them. This then works to help us change our response and in turn our behavior.

NLP can be considered a form or style of hypnosis and the technique of hypnosis often incorporates language and methods that are in common with NLP. Both methods are geared toward the same goal even though there are nuances between them.

I weave both methodologies seamlessly when I work with you to achieve your desired results. NLP can be ideal for people who want to experience transformative changes without the requirement of a deep relaxation response. It is also ideal for bringing about solutions that include a conscious mind, and cognitive awareness in conjunction with the more unconscious trance-work traditionally associated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


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