What is NLP?

Iā€™m an NLP expert, master hypnotist who specializes in relationships, strategic communication and conflict resolution. Having studied with international experts for more than 3 decades, I have worked with world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, educators, clergy and notable speakers helping them apply the most effective tools for wellness, personal growth, and empowerment. I have helped my clients transform from stuck-negative states to taking positive leaps in their personal and professional lives.

Specialties Include: Dynamic Public Speaking, Mental Health, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Witness and Trial Prep, Team Harmonics, Group Influence and Persuasive Communication, Inside & Outside Sales, Negotiation, Mediation, Health and Healing, Nutrition, Herbology, Customer Service, Mind Technologies, Human Potential, Resilience Training.


Organizations I have worked with:

  • Sales Force
  • Cal Poly Pomona University
  • UCLA
  • Stanbridge University
  • Condio GMB
  • G3 Soilworks
  • Synchrony Bank
  • School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences
  • ICBP Conference (International Coaching Board of Practitioners)
  • HypnoThoughts Live Convention


Carlos has run his own podcast since 2016, The Authenticity Show, appeared in numerous other people's podcasts (such as Dr. Paul Leslie, a prominent psychotherapist and author of several books, Dr. Dawn Andalon's Women's Health Happy Hour podcast, The Virtual Chapter with Michael Watson and Karen Hand.

Featured in the Destination LA series on Amazon Prime Video, as a guest expert, interviewed and featured in both LA and OC Travel Magazines and in the viral documentary, Enlightenment (available on Gaia TV and YouTube) over 3 Million views on YouTube alone.

There are a number of executive consulting services that Carlos can offer, such as on going retainers, VIP Days, Keynote speaking and Group Training. My fees are $3,500 per hour for Keynote Speaking and $350 per hour for corporate Consulting (Minimum 8 hours).

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Team Harmonics

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